This is just a little journey through the recesses of my mind. Like everyone else, I have opinions . . . some may resonate with you, some might just piss you off. I mean no offense, but I make no apologies.

If you just stumbled upon my site, I hope you find more of the things you like, than not.


Ode to a 3-year Old

My daughter and I live with my youngest sister. She and her husband have been kind enough to extend us a place for a year, while I relocate. My sister is very …. prolific. She has 4 children, of which, the youngest 2 are about 10-months apart in age. Which is why we live in a household of 2 3-year
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A Measure of Sanity

I am increasingly convinced, that true measures of sanity come only in moments of private contemplation.


50 Shades of Vanilla

I know, I know.  The world LOVED this book.  My sister encourages me to “keep reading.  The second book is the orgasm of the series.”  Somehow, I think she means climax. WARNING!  Possible spoiler alert, but as I haven’t written the post yet, I can’t be sure.  Just read with caution, ok? I’m honestly not sure that I want to
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What’s Life?

I’m afraid I am one of those people that cannot seem to help but think of Webster and George Papadopoulos, each time I hear that question: George:  “What’s life?” Webster: “A magazine.” George: “How much?” Webster: “$2 dollars.” George: “Too much!” Webster: “That’s life.” And so it continues. I suppose that pretty much sums it up.  Life is a series
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pull with teeth

My Kingdom for a Calendar!

I must admit to being a little lazy /gasp.  I know, it’s shocking.  I would happily cook for 100 people, but ask me to make a little something for just me?  Well!  You might as well ask me to pull a rig 3-feet by my teeth.  It’s very unlikely to happen. More often than not, I’m alone on Monday nights. 
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Does This Thing Come with a Manual?

I am not an expert on parenting. So I will certainly not use this portion of my blog to proffer any kind of sage advise about raising children. Because quite honestly, I have none. I’m totally making it up as I go along! I clearly remember the first time I thought, in a haze of sheer panic, “Where is the
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A Dolla’ Makes Me Holla’

Why do I keep watching TV? If it’s not some reality show with screaming children and harpy moms, it’s commercials with kids interrogating their parents over mac ‘n cheese. Really? Mac ‘n cheese? I don’t get it. I don’t think it’s cute. In fact, I find it really irritating. I don’t know if “kids these days” are any better or
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crocet couple

Old(er) and Crochety

I think I have finally reached “that age”. You know, the one they’re always telling you about? I’m still very young, but I’m not quite as ‘free wheeling’ as I once was. Once upon a time, I was a commune-living type person. The more the merrier! was definitely my call to arms. Love! Love! Love! Not enough money? No problem,
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